85 Fresh and Easy Summer Container Garden Flowers Ideas

Container gardening is a great way to exercise your green thumb if you only have a deck or balcony for growing plants. These pretty annuals thrive in planter pots, making them perfect candidates for your container garden.

Add a big burst of color to shady spots in your yard with colorful caladiums. These tropical beauties sport large, striped or splotched leaves in a rainbow of colors. Caladiums thrive in warm weather and prefer a rich, slightly wet soil. There’s no rule saying that you have to mix different kinds of flowers together to create a great container. Get a bold look simply planting different colors of a single variety in the same pot.

Having a shady garden doesn’t mean you need to deprive yourself of colorful flowers. In fact, you might be surprised to discover that some annuals actually prefer living on the dark side. Turn up the heat in your garden, by packing large tubs or containers with tropical beauties that thrive when summer temperatures soar. These gorgeous plants are a snap to grow and will have big impact flanking a door, patio, or swimming pool. Plus, if you live in the North, just bring them inside for the winter.


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